Wedding Photography

Eternity   -   $3500

  • Guaranteed 150+ finished atmosphere images
  • Everything from 'Icing' and 'Centerpiece' plus:
    • Bachelor/ette Parties
    • Bride/Groom - Preparation (Male Photographer)
  • Guaranteed return in three weeks! (post wedding)

Your special day should be spent in the moment. Not wondering where your photographer is, or if they got the shot. Similarly, you should spend the time leading to that day being excited! Not dreading the negotiations with vendors of all kinds.

We only have three plans. Simple. Elegant. Decisive.

Centerpiece   -   $1700

  • Guaranteed 150 finished atmosphere images
  • Everything from 'Icing' plus:
    • Reception
  • Guaranteed return in two weeks!

Icing   -   $1000

  • Guaranteed 100 finished atmosphere images
  • Separate group photos of Family / and wedding parties (in addition to  the 100 above)
  • Creative shots of the rings before the ceremony
  • Guaranteed return in one week!